Jewel IOT is a solutions company.

If you have a problem then we have the low cost IOT solution for you.

IOT can do more for you than ever before.

Tell us where you want to save or improve

and we will come with the tailor made solution.

For a low cost solution that can save you time and money.

No matter what your business


Save on time & costs. Monitor temperature and humidity. Track inventory in real time. Improve labor efficiency. Faster turnaround times.


Real time remote monitoring. Save money on running costs. Live Maintenance Feedback. Vehicle location tracking. Fuel tracking. Speed control. Vehicle usage analytics.


Concrete curing monitoring. Asset and tool location. Live analytic data on your mobile device. Save on build time .


Monitor temperature & humidity of your greenhouses. Livestock sensors. Soil sensors. Controlling water usage. Determining the optimal time to plant and harvest. Reporting weather conditions.


Temperature & humidity monitoring. Alerts to door or window opening. How much oil is in your tank. Septic tank monitoring.


For industrial equipment, more efficient maintenance translates into big savings. Longer equipment life. More efficient use of field technicians. Avoiding expensive downtime. Identify potential safety hazards.

Broadband in a Box


Broadband in a Box router

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About About About

  • How to bring IOT technology to a wider market?
  • Who else might benefit from using  technology?
  • How can IOT make life easier for everyone?
With the answers to these questions and more presenting limitless opportunities, our company was born.


  • Hartnett Enterprise Accelerator
  • Limerick Institute of Technology, Cratloe Road, Limerick.